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Champaign County Sports Car Club is a car club for drivers. CCSCC has more autocross and road rally events than any other auto sports club in the Midwest. Meetings are first Wed. of every mo. at 7:30pm, Monical’s Pizza, 103 W. Kirby in Champaign, IL.

57 Adventures (& TSD) Road Rally

57 Adventures (& TSD) Image<br />
Rallymaster:   Jerry White<br />
Date:   Saturday April 18, 2015<br />
Registration:  9 am at Illini Nissan, 615 W. Marketview Dr., Champaign, IL<br />
Ends around 3:00pm at the Illini Nissan, Champaign.

Special Information
That crazy Jerry White is putting on another Champaign County Sports Car Club Adventure and TSD road rally. Rallyists can participate in the traditional Time Speed Distance Classes and/or an Adventure Class where the emphasis is to follow the course and answer interesting questions. Yep, and/or means you can participate in both the Adventure Class and a normal timed class at the same time if you want to. With over 100 miles of rally and some crazy interstate stuff there is plenty to keep everyone smiling and on their toes. Bring your buddy, bring your friend, bring your date, or bring anyone else you can capture and come on out to join in the fun. If you can’t recruit a buddy, etc. just come alone and team up with someone during on-site registration. Please study the rally’s General Instructions before coming if you can. Long time rallyists will note many differences from standard generals. My hope is that the changes will give first time rallyists much of the ‘insider’ knowledge that long time rallyists have (unfairly) taken advantage of in the past. I also hope that the process of running the rally works out to be either easier or about the same as it always has in spite of the changes. At 9:15am I will conduct a ‘read through’ of the generals to explain them to everyone. As always, spouses and friends who don’t run the rally are welcome to come to the Illini Nissan after it to listen to participants’ tall tales about all the adversities (and possibly some mistakes) they overcame to complete the event.

Registration Info and Minor Waiver
The entry fee will be $20.00 per team. So that the rallymaster will know about how many cars to expect you are encouraged to preregister on AXWare Systems Online Race Management web site and/or to post your intention to come on the thread for the rally. [Continue reading →]

2015 Autocross School

Registration is now OPEN for the 2015 autocross school!

Participants should be ON SITE at 0730. The school officially begins at 0800. If you are late, your spot will be offered to a waitlisted entry.

Please read the following information before registering.

In order to get the most out of our autocross school, it is important to place yourself correctly based on experience. Therefore, we established 3 qualifiers for the Advanced Autocross school:

1. Have you attended more than 20 Autocross events? (preferably in the last 2 years)
2. Have you attended at least two national style Autocross events? (like divisional tour, national tour, match tour or the national championship)
3. Have you attended the CCSCC Beginners Autocross school course, or another well known driving school, like Evolution or Barber?

If you can answer yes to any ONE of these questions, you may register for the Advanced school. If none of these apply to you, or you feel you could use a refresher of the basics, we would ask you kindly to register for the Beginner class. Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of driving time and great instruction either way.

CCSCC reserves the right to reclass individuals if we determine they may not represent a good fit for their chosen class.

Visit AXWare ORM to register: Click Here

Rally Report – Ides of March Rally 2015

Date: Sunday, March 15, 2015
Rallymaster: Bill Wagner
Cold run:
Workers: Austin Grant

Since I disappointed myself last year by not getting the rally done, I was determined that it would go off this year. We had really good weather and a great turnout with seven teams appearing to test their skills. Some folks already had a couple of rallies in the bag this year because of the 2 Winter Rallies in January and February.

Gary Patrick held one of his rally schools just before the event. It was well attended and appeared to have assisted the novices who had some pretty good scores. The novices made all the checkpoints and the winning team of Williams/Peterson even used a time delay slip to keep 4 of 5 leg scores below 100. That is a great accomplishment for their first rally. I expect we’ll see them at future rallies and even some autocrosses. The team of Burkholder/Burkholder made a good showing as well. If they could have brought their high score down close to their best legs they would have made it really close.

The SOP class had some tight competition. After 2 legs the Miner/Miner team was in control with a 23 point lead over Martin/Lichtenberger. Their scores of 4 and 2 were excellent but they weren’t able to maintain that over the last 3 legs. Martin/Lichtenberger kept the pressure on finishing the rally with 2 single digit scores on the last 3 legs. At the end, the 2 teams were separated by only 23 points with Martin/Lichtenberger finishing in first place. Third place was taken by White/Hamilton and fourth by Bedford/Blackwelder who didn’t score as well as I expected.

The Nav class only had one team, Townsend/Flora, who put on a really good show with ones on all legs except the last. We determined after the rally that I must have mis-measured one tiny section that caused them to score 12 on leg 6. Somehow my measurement was about 0.1 miles off from what they showed in their computer.

I must thank Gary Patrick for letting us use the Subaru of Champaign County showroom for the rally school and registration and for putting on the school before the rally. Hopefully we can have one or two more schools this year. I also want to thank Austin Grant who came over from the Peoria area to attend the school and see how rallies are run. He spent the afternoon in the car with me at checkpoints and made the day go by quickly.

1 2 3 4 5 6 Total
1st Bob Townsend
Jonathan Flora
1 1 1 0 1 12 16
1st Emanuel Martin
Peter Lichtenberger
15 14 1 0 25 2 57
2nd Gale Miner
Susan Miner
4 2 24 0 28 22 80
3rd Jerry White
Wayne Hamilton
5 31 63 0 27 3 129
4th Russ Bedford
Mike Blackwelder
12 38 23 0 16 55 144
1st David Williams
Caleb Peterson
58 7 138 0 13 84 300
2nd Cathy Burkholder
Bill Burkholder
17 102 200 0 76 56 451