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Champaign County Sports Car Club is a car club for drivers. CCSCC has more autocross and road rally events than any other auto sports club in the Midwest. Meetings are first Wed. of every mo. at 7:30pm, Monical’s Pizza, 103 W. Kirby in Champaign, IL.

Autocross Tech Day 2014

Do you hate the tech lines at the first autocross of the year? So do we! Fortunately, Parkland College has offered their facilities at the Applied Technology Center for a day of CCSCC annual technical inspections!

Please register online so we know how many cars to expect: Click Here

When: Saturday, March 22 at 1:00-4:00PM
Where: Find your way to the lot north of the ATC by following Duncan Road past Bonnie Blair Road, and make the first right. Do not use the Bradley Avenue or Duncan Road Parkland College entrances.
Why?: Because long tech lines are long!

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2014 Autocross School

Registration is now OPEN for the 2014 autocross school! Please read the following information before registering.

In order to get the most out of our autocross school, it is important to place yourself correctly based on experience. Therefore, we established 3 qualifiers for the Advanced Autocross school:

1. Have you attended more than 20 Autocross events? (preferably in the last 2 years)
2. Have you attended at least two national style Autocross events? (like divisional tour, national tour, match tour or the national championship)
3. Have you attended the CCSCC Beginners Autocross school course, or another well known driving school, like Evolution or Barber?

If you can answer yes to any ONE of these questions, you may register for the Advanced school. If none of these apply to you, or you feel you could use a refresher of the basics, we would ask you kindly to register for the Beginner class. Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of driving time and great instruction either way.

CCSCC reserves the right to reclass individuals if we determine they may not represent a good fit for their chosen class.

Visit AXWare ORM to register: Click Here

2013 CCSCC Championship Results

The Champaign County Sports Car Club is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 Championships! Download the complete results using the links below:
2013 CCSCC Overall Points – Final
2013 CCSCC Ladies Overall Points – Final
2013 CCSCC Autocross Points – Final
2013 CCSCC Rally Points – Final

Open Overall

Position Name Points
1 Russ Bedford 215.3
2 Tom Ingles 210.3
3 Bill Wagner 146.4
4 Jonathan Flora 122.0
5 Mike Blackwelder 120.3
6 Bob Townsend 116.7
7 Gale Miner 115.6
8 Cathy Burkholder 111.4
9 Dennis Miller 109.3
10 Greg Lukach 107.3

Ladies Overall

Position Name Points
1 Karen Townsend 96.7
2 Deb Erpelding 89.3
3 Katie Bogner 35.9
4 Chris Bedford 24.6
5 Linda Hicks 24.4
6 Emily Shafer 16.6
7 Cheryel Blackwelder 16.0
8 Angela Patrick 13.3
9 Heather Bedford 10.0
10 Danielle Brown 9.4

Open Autocross

Position Name Points
1 Russ Bedford 180
2 Jacob Kruse 176
3 Eric Ballinger 174
4 Tom Ingles 171
5T Greg Lukach 168
5T Dennis Miller 168
7 Cathy Burkholder 161
8 Mike Erpelding 157
9 Jeremy Kendall 146
10 Clark Walker 142

Ladies Autocross

Position Name Points
1 Deb Erpelding 132
2 Linda Hicks 44
3 Katie Bogner 43
4T Chris Bedford 19
4T Emily Shafer 19
6 Danielle Brown 17
7 Jami Taylor 10

Open Rally

Position Name Points
1 Jonathan Flora 60
2 Bob Townsend 58
3T Russ Bedford 56
3T Mike Blackwelder 56
3T Tom Ingles 56
6 Jerry White 55
7 Bill Wagner 49
8 Gale Miner 43
9 Jesse Farrell 38
10 Gary Patrick 18

Ladies Rally

Position Name Points
1 Karen Townsend 58
2 Angela Patrick 8