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Champaign County Sports Car Club is a car club for drivers. CCSCC has more autocross and road rally events than any other auto sports club in the Midwest. Meetings are first Wed. of every mo. at 7:30pm, Monical’s Pizza, 103 W. Kirby in Champaign, IL.

2015 Executive Board Elections

Please join CCSCC for our last club meeting of the year on December 3rd. The ballot of Officers and Executive Board Members for 2015 will be presented. Nominations for all positions will be opened up to the floor.

For a list of the outgoing Executive Board Members and their positions, Click Here.

Where? Monical’s Pizza at Kirby and Neil
When? 7:30PM, Wednesday, December 3rd
Why? Great food, bench racing, and because you have a perfect board nomination to offer to the club!

2014 Mid-Year Championship Standings

The 2014 mid-year points for autocross and rally have been compiled for review.

2014 Mid-Year Autocross Points
2014 Mid-Year Rally Points

A note from the points chair, Russ Bedford:

The mid-year points are being published for two reasons. The first is to allow you to see how you stand in the annual points race relative to your friends and competitors. The second is to make any necessary corrections. I enter data manually, so errors are certainly possible. This is the time to make any corrections. If you think I’ve made a mistake, please contact me ( and I’ll do my best to correct to your satisfaction. For a description of the way points are calculated, please see the points rules (click here). If you think you should be listed as a member, but are not, you’ll need to contact the registrar ( If you think you scored higher than I’ve given you credit for at an event, please check the results first. That’s what I use. Don’t worry, all of this year’s data is retrievable and we can fix anything that’s wrong.

Watershed Adventure (& TSD) Road Rally

Watershed Adventure (& TSD) Image<br />
Rallymaster:   Jerry White<br />
Date:   Saturday July 26, 2014<br />
Registration:  9 am at Illini Nissan, 615 W. Marketview Dr., Champaign, IL<br />
Ends around Noon at the Dos Reales Restaurant, 1407 N. Prospect Ave., Champaign, IL.

Special Information
The Champaign County Sports Car Club is trying another combination Adventure and TSD road rally. Rallyists can participate in an Adventure Class where the emphasis is to follow the course and answer questions. If you want you can participate in both the Adventure Class and a normal timed class. With over 50 miles of rally, some crazy new stuff, and only concrete and asphalt roads there is plenty to keep everyone smiling. Bring your buddy, bring your friend, bring your date, or bring anyone else you can grab ahold of and come on out to join in on the fun. If you can’t recruit a buddy, etc. just come alone and team up with someone during registration. Please study the rally’s General Instructions before coming if you can. Long time rallyists will note many differences from standard generals. My hope is that the changes will give first time rallyists much of the ‘insider’ knowledge that long time rallyists have (unfairly) taken advantage of in the past. I also hope that the process of running the rally works out to be either easier or about the same as it always has in spite of the changes. At 9:15am I will conduct a ‘read through’ of the generals to explain them to everyone. As always, spouses and friends who don’t run the rally are welcome to come to the Dos Reales Restaurant after it to listen to participants’ tall tales about all the adversities (and possibly some mistakes) they overcame to complete the event.

Registration Info and Minor Waiver
The entry fee will be $20.00 per team. So that the rallymaster will know about how many cars to expect you are encouraged to preregister on AXWare Systems Online Race Management web site and/or to post your intention to come on the thread for the rally. [Continue reading →]