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Champaign County Sports Car Club is a car club for drivers. CCSCC has more autocross and road rally events than any other auto sports club in the Midwest. Meetings are first Wed. of every mo. at 7:30pm, Toro Loco, 1601 N Cunningham in Urbana, IL.

Boondocks Boondoggle Rally April 16th, 2016

After enduring a couple weeks of less than great weather in early April, we had a beautiful day to run the first rally of the year for CCSCC.
Four teams started the rally at the Bedford Homestead north of Mahomet.
Instructions guided the teams westward. The ODO leg ended north of Mansfield. The rally continued west towards Clinton Lake.
Three legs before the break, one of which had an error that upset two of the teams. The Nav teams were apparently paying attention to their computers to find my mistake and followed the instructions exactly the way I intended. I was able to get all the teams back on track.
We took a short break at the Boondocks Restaurant on Clinton Lake. While enjoying our ice cream there, a snake tried to crash the party! Intrepid and experienced rallyists that we were, we shrugged off the dangers and continued on. Though I’m sure some of us made sure the doors were locked from then on.
After the break, we turned Eastward to return to Mahomet. Three more legs and we ended up at Monical’s for trophies, bench-rallying, and food and drink.
A couple notes about the error on leg two: first, anyone who has put on a rally knows the risks of changing an instruction late in the process, as I did after the cold-run. Second, since only two of the teams were affected by it, I scored the leg for the Nav teams, but not for SOP and Novice classes. This did not affect the overall rankings.
Thanks to Mike Blackwelder for cold running and working checkpoints on this rally.

Leg: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total
1. Jonathan Flora/Bill Wagner, Jr. 17 25 9 4 2 8 65 (First Overall)
2. Bob Townsend/Steve Townsend 16 6 4 7 23 31 87

Seat of the Pants
1. Barry Rowe/Jerry White 2 3 NC 21 93 15 134

1. Kyle Nusbaum/Jacob Nusbaum 500 45 NC 21 64 128 758

2016 Autocross School

Registration is now OPEN for the 2016 autocross school! We are offering several opportunities to participate this year:
1. Beginner Student ($50; limited to 30 entries)
2. Advanced Student ($75; limited to 10 entries)
3. Advanced Test ‘N Tune ($75; limited to 5 entries, runs in the morning with Advanced)
4. Beginner Instructor (Advanced students are strongly encouraged to instruct beginners in the afternoon)
5. Advanced Instructor
6. Safety Steward Student
7. Course Workers and General Volunteers (Several critical positions available)

Participants should be ON SITE at 0730. The school officially begins at 0800. If you are late, your spot will be offered to a waitlisted entry.

As always, registration for the Sunday Test ‘N Tune is free for school participants. For others, the standard fees apply.

Please read the following information before registering.

In order for everyone to get the most out of our autocross school, it is important to place yourself correctly based on experience. We established 3 qualifiers for the Advanced Autocross School:

1. Have you attended more than 20 autocross events? (preferably in the last 2 years)
2. Have you attended at least two national style autocross events? (like divisional tour, national tour, match tour or the national championship)
3. Have you attended the CCSCC Beginners Autocross School course, or another well known driving school, like Evolution or Barber?

If you can answer yes to any ONE of these questions, you may register for the Advanced School. If none of these apply to you, or you feel you could use a refresher of the basics, we ask you kindly to register for the Beginner School. Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of driving time and great instruction either way.

CCSCC reserves the right to reclass individuals if we determine they may not represent a good fit for their chosen class.

Visit AXWare ORM to register: Click Here

Work Day and Tech Day 2016

Do you hate the tech lines at the first autocross of the year? So do we! Fortunately, Parkland College has offered their facilities at the Applied Technology Center for a day of CCSCC annual technical inspections!

Additionally, Parkland College is opening up its shop to our members and friends on Saturday, March 5 and Saturday, April 2. Our thanks to Jonathan Ross and Adam Karch and their staff who have agreed to open the facility from 8 AM to 4:30 PM on both days.

In order to advantage of this opportunity you need to register on AxWare ORM site for either or both of these two days. There will be charge of $25 for CCSCC members and $35 for non members for either day and if you register for both, the second day will be only $10. The proceeds from the work days will be donated to the Parkland Motorsports club or the Parkland scholarship fund.

Each day will start with a mandatory safety and orientation class which will last 45 to 60 minutes. After completing the course you will need to sign a waiver.Then all the equipment will be available for your use. This includes 11 lifts, 2 alignment racks, one rack for corner weighting (scales), tire mounting and balancing equipment and a Mustang MD1100E chassis dyno (2 wheel). The dyno will be available for 1 hour sessions by appointment (long enough for 2 to 3 pulls to get horsepower and torque numbers but not for tuning). You can schedule the dyno session after you have registered and paid for the day (more information on this to follow). For scheduling of Dyno session, lifts, alignments and scales, email Jon Ross at Parkland also has available a large assortment of special tools and diagnostic equipment which will be available for our use. Be sure and bring your torque wrench and check it’s calibration. If you have any questions concerning the equipment please email Jon Ross.

Please register online so we know how many cars to expect: Click Here

When: Saturday, March 5 at 8:00AM-4:30PM
Where: Find your way to the lot north of the ATC by following Duncan Road past Bonnie Blair Road, and make the first right. Do not use the Bradley Avenue or Duncan Road Parkland College entrances.
Why?: Because long tech lines are long!

Parkland map