Parkland College Scholarship Autocross

Although he weather looked all week like it wasn’t going to cooperate, it proved to be a good day. The lot dried out completely from Friday night’s rain and although it threatened to rain several times during the event it managed to not rain on our fun. Sixty seven drivers braved the bad forecasts and came to the event. The lot was slightly bigger than the one we used last year and we were able to lay out a challenging course, avoiding the light poles and staying away from the curbs.

The competitors were divided into 13 regular classes, including a ladies class, and the novices into 5 classes. BS was a five car class and was won by Greg Lukach in his 96 Gran Sport Corvette, with a time of 32.220 which was the fastest time of the Day, earning Greg the FTD award. CS and ES were bumped together and was won by Adrian Astorina. He can be fast when he doesn’t hit any cones. He bested John Li but John was on street rubber and Adrian was running on race rubber. John turned in the fastest time indexed on street tires and took home the FTDis award. FS was a three car class and was won by Brian Grable with Sandy only 0.633 behind. GS and HS were bumped together and was won by Adam Deffenbaugh with a 33.972. This performance earned Adam the FTDis award. SS, ASP and CSP were combined and provided a very close race. Russ Bedford won the class with a 32.408 with Kerry Riley breathing down his neck a mere 0.121 seconds behind him. ESP was a three car class and was won by me with a time of 33.947. Steve Wright won the DP & XP combined class in his 92 Miata. STR and ST were bumped together to form a 5 car class. Clark Walker edged out John Gnuechtel by the slim margin of 0.181.

Nick Owens continued his streak in STX which was bumped together with STU. He ran a best time of 33.588. The street modified classes were bumped together to form two classes. The first was SM and SMF and Beau Renshaw turned in the best time in this class of 32.517. Tom Ingles won the SSM class of 5 cars with a 32.670. The ladies class was won by Linda Hicks with a indexed time of 31.817.

The novice bumped class of BSN, SSN and DSN was won by Tim Noice with a time in his Porsche Boxter S of 36.001. ESN, GSN and HSN were combined to make 7 car class and was won by Alex Kim in his Saab 9-5. ASPN and DSPN was a 2 car class and was won by Devin Wright with a 35.431 which ends his eligibility as a novice. Congratulations Devin, now you can play with the big boys. All the Street Touring Novice classes were bumped together to make a 7 car class. It was won by Luke Brunka with a 37.051. All the street modified classes were also combined to make a 5 car class. Scott Spear won the class in his Subaru WRX. He completed the course in 35.518.

Thank You from CCSCC to all our competitors who came, had fun, and supported our Parkland Scholarship fund for 2010.

Dennis Miller, Event Chair