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Halloweenie Road Rally

This is not a regular rally! As is the tradition, there will be a trick involved. Bring whatever tools you think will help you out — extra paper, mirrors, tape, scissors, bowling pins, garden shears, etc. Even if you can’t come for the rally join us for the usual “alibi hour” where everyone is welcome and where participants try to explain why they woulda, coulda, shoulda done better.

Cone Hell-o-ween Autocross

10/16/10 Cone Hell-o-ween Autocross, Grudge Match Results 10/16/10 Cone Hell-o-ween Autocross, Final Results 10/16/10 Cone Hell-o-ween Autocross, Pax Results 10/16/10 Cone Hell-o-ween Autocross, Raw Results 10/17/10 Cone Hell-o-ween Autocross, Grudge Match Results 10/17/10 Cone Hell-o-ween Autocross, Final Results 10/17/10 Cone Hell-o-ween Autocross, Pax Results 10/17/10 Cone Hell-o-ween Autocross, Raw Results