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No-Name Road Rally

Russ has been very quiet so far about this road rally. I bet we can expect it to be a lot of fun though. You might even travel on the stretch of road above somewhere along the route. Oh, wait… Russ says you won’t see that road unless you’re way off course. The rally is around 100 miles long and includes a few gravel roads. Come on out and see where some interesting East Central Illinois back roads go.

No-Name Rally Report

Place_Driver/Navigator____Leg 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Total NAVIGATIONAL CLASS 1st Jon Flora/Chuck Hanson 0 9 9 0 5 27 7 57 2nd Bob DeMeritt/ Marianne DeMeritt 2 4 6 9 177 24 49 271 SEAT OF PANTS CLASS 1st Mike Blackwelder/ Jim Hamilton & Chelsea Ware 15 4 5 2 29 26 10 […]

Spring Grudge Autocross, Rantoul Aviation Center

5/21/11 Final Results 5/21/11 Pax Results 5/21/11 Raw Results 5/22/11 Final Results 5/22/11 Pax Results 5/22/11 Raw Results

Double Arrow 4 Rally Results

Sunday May 15, 2011 Place Driver/Navigator Leg_1 3 5 6 Total NAVIGATIONAL CLASS 1st Bob DeMeritt/Marianne DeMeritt 1 2 1 1 5 2nd Emanuel Martin/Rob Umland

Double Arrow 4 Road Rally

This will be the fourth in Bob’s series of excellent Double Arrow rallies. The main road rule will have you turning onto a side road whenever you encounter a double arrow on your right or left. Expect several interesting challenges, plus some new kinds of instructions. The rally is around 90 miles long and includes 10 to 15 miles of gravel roads. Come on out and see where some interesting Champaign and Douglas County back roads go.

Parkland Scholarship Autocross Event

Event report to be posted. 5/7/11 Final Results 5/7/11 PAX Results 5/7/11 Raw Results

Déjà Vu Rally Results

Sunday May 1, 2011 Place Driver/Navigator Leg_1 2_ 3_ 4_ Total NOVICE CLASS 1st Patrick Barranis/Rob Mitchell