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Roamin’ Candle Road Rally

In addition to the participation of Indianapolis rallyists the rally will feature an interesting lunch stop. Although Mike and Harold don’t want to give away the surprise as to where that lunch break is they are both animate that everyone will like it. FYI, they will give away this secret at registration so if you want someone to meet you there for lunch you should have enough time to arrange that with them. Come on out and roam on around 100 miles of very fun Indiana back roads, some of them gravel.

Pinks FTW Autocross, Rantoul Aviation Center

6/25/2011 Final Results 6/25/2011 Pax Results 6/25/2011 Raw Results 6/26/2011 Final Results 6/26/2011 Pax Results 6/26/2011 Raw Results

Time of the Signs Rally Report

Saturday June 11, 2011 Place Driver/Navigator Leg_1 2– 3– Total NAVIGATIONAL CLASS 1st Bob DeMeritt/Marianne DeMeritt 0 1 0 1 2nd Jon Flora/Gary Patrick 0 7 1 8 SEAT OF PANTS CLASS 1st Mike Blackwelder/Jim Hamilton 21 1 19 41 NOVICE CLASS 1st Eric Wank/Greg Austin 22 4 19 45 2nd Tom Ingles/Clarimae Ingles 83 […]

Time of the Signs Road Rally

I’ve heard of a Sign of the Times but what’s a Time of the Signs? Could it be a road rally where the timing will have something to do with the signs you’ll encounter along the route. Well the answer is “Yes” but only because Rallymaster Jerry White has quoted a sign in almost every instruction, including the instructions that involve speed changes. This should make the rally a great one for folks that are new to rallying as no one should ever find themselves going the wrong way. The rally is around 50 miles long and will be 100 percent on paved roads. Yes, you can bring the car you polish to this one. Come on out and see where some interesting Champaign County back roads with great views go.

Strategic Cone Command ’11 Autocross, Coles County Airport

6/4/11 Final Results 6/4/11 PAX Results 6/4/11 RAW Results 6/5/11 Cancelled due to weather HOT – WET.  That would describe the difference between the two days. FUN  –  Disappointing.  That would describe the mood difference between the two days. Saturday started bright and early with Robert Burkholder, Dan Cummings, Greg Luckach and myself as first […]