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Autocross site maps

Autocross site maps

Rantoul Scaled Rantoul Gmaps Image (to look for bad concrete) Parkland – May Parkland – September

Northern Nights Rally Results

Friday August 26, 2011 Place Driver/Navigator Leg_1 2_ 3_ 4_ Total NAVIGATIONAL CLASS 1st Bob DeMeritt/Marianne DeMeritt

Northern Nights Road Rally

Bill Wagner will have us touring some of the more northerly parts of our rally territory. Probably not so far north that you’ll see the northern lights or snow on the ground but appealing just the same. Come on out and explore 50 miles of back roads (including some gravel ones) in the dark.

Road Rage 2011, Rantoul Aviation Center

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Winding River Roads 2 Rally Report

Very Close scores on Winding River Roads Rally! Saturday August 13, 2011 Place_Driver/Navigator____Leg 1 2 3 4 5 6 7_Total NAVIGATIONAL CLASS 1st Bob DeMeritt/Marianne DeMeritt Subaru Forester 0 3 12 100 1 100 12 228 SEAT OF PANTS CLASS 1st Mike Blackwelder/Jim Hamilton Ford Focus 21 66 25 43 65 13 2 235 2nd […]

Winding River Roads II Road Rally

Bob Townsend is once again taking us on a tour of some of the more scenic (and crooked) roads in Champaign, Douglas and Coles counties. The rest break will be at Walnut Point State Park near Oakland Illinois. Come on out and explore over 110 miles of back roads (including about 1 mile of gravel which will be taken slow) while on your way to the cookout at Bob and Karen’s house. All the food etc. will be provided so all you have to do is work up your appetite.

Top Gun Challenge ’11 Autocross, Coles County Airport

8/6/2011 Final Results 8/6/2011 Raw Results 8/6/2011 PAX Results 8/7/2011 Final Results 8/7/2011 Raw Results 8/7/2011 PAX Results