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Fall Foliage Tour

A long, easy rally that breaks in the middle for a leisurely lunch and then returns to the Champaign area for supper. Bring a favorite friend and tour the changing colors of fall on Barry Rowe’s unrun 2010 Fall Foliage Tour. Take the back roads (including some gravel ones) on the way to somewhere for lunch then meander them some more on the way back.

…And Thanks for All the Fish Autocross, Rantoul Aviation Center

9/17/2011 Final Results 9/17/2011 Raw Results 9/17/2011 PAX Results 9/18/2011 Final Results 9/18/2011 Raw Results 9/18/2011 PAX Results

Fall 2011 Parkland Scholarship Event

9/4/2011 Final Results 9/4/2011 Raw Results 9/4/2011 PAX Results 9/5/2011 Final Results 9/5/2011 Raw Results 9/5/2011 PAX Results