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Spooktacular Zombielicious Rally Results

SOP Class Leg Place Driver Navigator 1 2 3 Total 1 Jerry White C. Board 24 31 22 77 2 Wayne Wagner Del Wagner 29 12 93 134 3 Emanuel Martin Rob Umland 80 37 63 180 4 John Li Jonathon Flora 67 49 77 193 5 Gary Patrick Bill Wagner 44 126 61 231 […]

Monticello Monte Road Rally

The “Monticello Monte” format will be a variation of the traditional Monte Carlo style rally. Each leg will start with a long section where the teams need only concentrate on navigation and can proceed at a pace consistent with local traffic without concern for staying on time. The last part of each leg will be a shorter “Control Zone” where the contestants are expected to stay on-time, all-the-time, and will encounter a hidden checkpoint. Each Control Zone will have only one average speed to maintain. Tulip diagrams are included with every Route Instruction to aid navigation. Simple and with no intentional traps, this event should be easily understood by a first-timer, yet still entertaining for veterans. Low scores should be plentiful!

Ricky Bobby’s Wild Ride

10/29/2011 Final Results 10/29/2011 Raw Results 10/29/2011 PAX Results 10/30/2011 Final Results 10/30/2011 Raw Results 10/30/2011 PAX Results

Inaugural Decatur Airport Autocross

Event Chair: Robert Burkholder (in absentia); Cathy Burkholder Dates: Saturday and Sunday, October 29 and 30, 2011 Schedule: Registration: 8:00am — 9:30am Tech Inspection: 8:30am — 10:00am Drivers’ Meeting: 10:00am Competition Begins: 10:30am Information CCSCC is pleased to announce its inaugural event at the Decatur Airport! We have worked with the Decatur Park District to […]

October Friday-Nighter Rally

The rally ends around.9:45 pm at Jim Hamilton’s backyard (620 N. Penfield, Rantoul) for weenies, s’mores and scores. Beware… BEEWWAAARRRE… BE VERY WARE… all ye who dare to venture forth into unknown places on lonely byways in the dark! Brian is putting together his first Halloween rally and we have no idea what he might pull out of his bag of tricks and treats. Take some dark back roads (with some small gravel patches) on the way to some place spooky and then take some even darker ones on the way back.

Cone Hell-O-Ween VII

10/15/2011 Final Results 10/15/2011 Raw Results 10/15/2011 PAX Results 10/16/2011 Final Results 10/16/2011 Raw Results 10/16/2011 PAX Results