Rally Report – Four Counties Rally 2014

Date: Sunday, September 14, 2014
Rallymaster: Russ Bedford
Cold run: Mike Blackwelder
Workers: Mike Blackwelder

It was a great rally. Not because of any innate skill by the rallymaster (me), but because of the competitors who showed up and played. We had a beautiful day, light traffic, reasonably good roads. And I was ably assisted by Mike Blackwelder, who has a lot of experience at this.

We started in Mahomet and angled somewhat West and North. Drove around Saybrook, through the shadow of a bunch of Windmills, found Bellflower and Farmer City. We took a break midway at Huck’s in FC. After the break we drove West and South, crossing Clinton Lake a couple times before heading back East. We went through DeLand, near Lodge, Galesville and Seymour.
The rally finished back in Mahomet, at Monical’s, where we had dinner and awards. About 100 miles and 4 hours.

Eight cars entered, with 15 people in them. (No, that ratio doesn’t meet the normal rally formula of 2 people per car, more on that later). Trust me, it really makes a difference when a lot of people show up.

Jerry and Barry took first overall, they’ve teamed up for a while now, this their first first overall. Congratulations!

Gary Patrick was looking for a partner, but couldn’t find one. He went ahead and ran anyway. His co-driver was listed as either C. Board or MT Seat. Either way, it did the trick, he came in first in SOP.

No teams ran in the Novice class.

Thanks to all who participated and to Mike B for cold-running and working with me.

Total Score
1st Barry Rowe
Jerry White
2nd Jonathan Flora
Bill Wagner
3rd Bob DeMeritt
Marianne DeMeritt
4th Bob Townsend
Karen Townsend
1st Gary Patrick
C. Board and MT Seat
2nd Gale Miner
Susan Miner
3rd Jeremy Kendall
Becky Kendall
4th Jill Siedenburg
Joe Siedenburg

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