Evil Numbers II (2014) Halloween Rally

Date: Friday, October 31, 2014
Rallymaster: Bill Wagner
Cold run:
Workers: Bob Townsend

Well, I didn’t get the publicity out as soon as I should have, so the turnout was smaller than I would like, but I went ahead with the rally. This wasn’t a tough rally since the teams only had to find 7 instructions in the candy bags. I also made the evil numbers easier to work with this year. I think I need to find something in between for next year. Thank you to Bob Townsend for hanging out in the dark at the checkpoint. Congratulations to Jerry White and Wayne Hamilton for finishing with a nice 1st Overall score of 36.

1 2 3 Total
1st Jerry White
Wayne Hamilton
16 12 8 36
2nd Russ Bedford
Mike Blackwelder
6 100 9 115
3rd Jonathan Flora
C Board
100 17 39 156
4th Gale Miner
Susan Miner
100 17 56 173

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