Boondocks Boondoggle Rally April 16th, 2016

After enduring a couple weeks of less than great weather in early April, we had a beautiful day to run the first rally of the year for CCSCC.
Four teams started the rally at the Bedford Homestead north of Mahomet.
Instructions guided the teams westward. The ODO leg ended north of Mansfield. The rally continued west towards Clinton Lake.
Three legs before the break, one of which had an error that upset two of the teams. The Nav teams were apparently paying attention to their computers to find my mistake and followed the instructions exactly the way I intended. I was able to get all the teams back on track.
We took a short break at the Boondocks Restaurant on Clinton Lake. While enjoying our ice cream there, a snake tried to crash the party! Intrepid and experienced rallyists that we were, we shrugged off the dangers and continued on. Though I’m sure some of us made sure the doors were locked from then on.
After the break, we turned Eastward to return to Mahomet. Three more legs and we ended up at Monical’s for trophies, bench-rallying, and food and drink.
A couple notes about the error on leg two: first, anyone who has put on a rally knows the risks of changing an instruction late in the process, as I did after the cold-run. Second, since only two of the teams were affected by it, I scored the leg for the Nav teams, but not for SOP and Novice classes. This did not affect the overall rankings.
Thanks to Mike Blackwelder for cold running and working checkpoints on this rally.

Leg: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total
1. Jonathan Flora/Bill Wagner, Jr. 17 25 9 4 2 8 65 (First Overall)
2. Bob Townsend/Steve Townsend 16 6 4 7 23 31 87

Seat of the Pants
1. Barry Rowe/Jerry White 2 3 NC 21 93 15 134

1. Kyle Nusbaum/Jacob Nusbaum 500 45 NC 21 64 128 758

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