The Boondocks Boondoggle II rally is in the record books.

Despite a few challenges everyone made it to the Boondocks restaurant on the shore of Clinton Lake for ice cream, a cold drink, and/or a snack. All five teams also made it back to the ending point, the Chief at the southern entrance to Mahomet. Finally, we all enjoyed dinner at Monical’s while the rally scores were totaled up and awards presented.
Thanks to everyone who showed up to run the rally. The weather couldn’t have been better. Thanks to Mike Blackwelder for general advice, cold running and checkpoint duties.
The scores were a little higher than usual, due to my mileaging abilities, so I won’t publish them.
Here are the results for the day:
Seat of the Pants Class
1. Bob & Karen Townsend
2. Gale & Susan Miner
3. Barry Rowe & Darrell Hoemann
Navigational Class
1. Bill Wagner, Jr. & Jonathan Flora
2. Wayne Hamilton & Jerry White
In addition to being 1st in Nav, Bill & Jon were also 1st Overall, with the lowest score of the day.

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