The Club

CCSCC holds regular club meetings the first Wednesday of each month, except January, when the club meets on the second Wednesday. Click here for the club meeting schedule.

Our History

On April 17th, 1957, a group of sports car enthusiasts from Champaign County gathered at an organizational meeting at the Urbana National Guard Armory and decided to form a local sports car club. The first regular meeting of CCSCC was held on May 1, 1957. An election was held and Mark Reinhardt was elected president. Bill Skelton was Vice-President, and Pat Whealon was Secretary-Treasurer. Members of the Board of Control were: Bob Schaub, George Drolsom, Frank Cipelle, Erich Kugler, and Stan Block. CCSCC was incorpoated by the State of Illinois on May 17th, 1957. At the June meeting, a contest was announced to design a club badge. At the August meeting, a design by Dick Koch was chosed as the final design. That design, with minor changes through the years, is still being used today.

We have watched sports car clubs in Illinois come and go, but perhaps a reason for our endurance was the wisdom of the origional organizers to have the club governed by an elected board. The labor, and it is a labor of love, is distributed amongst the board members and other volunteers. If a board memeber does not perform his job, he is usually replaced.

From the beginning, our club has held rallys and gymkhannas. At some point, the gymkhannas became autocrosses, and we are now probably the major autocross organizer in downstate Illinois. At the present, we are the only car club that holds road rallies in Central Illinois.

Over the years, we have held Field Trials, also known as “Grunge Runs.” During the 1960s and into the 1970s, we put on a rally called “Nocturnal Diffusion,” and it is believed to be the first rally in the United States to use a Special Stage in scoring. We also put on what was the only all special stage rally ever held in Illinois.

Our members and former members have competed in events all over the country, and we have had several SCCA national champions from our membership.

2018 Safety Committee

Position Name
Chair Aaron Rorem
Assistant Chair Jared Muphy
Committee Member Jedi Brown
President Pete Stynoski
Vice President Dean Plumadore

2018 Scholarship Committee

Position Name
Chair Beau Renshaw
President Pete Stynoski
Vice President Dean Plumadore